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Adding tretinoin into your skin script skincare routine

Here are some tips for adding tretinoin to your skincare routine.

It’s important to remember to always follow the instructions of your prescribing medical provider and reach out to them if you have questions about your treatment or need advice. 

Who should avoid tretinoin?

Tretinoin must not be used by women who are pregnant, nursing or wish to become pregnant. In addition to that, tretinoin should also not be used by children under 12 years of age, or by individuals with active flare of rosacea. 

Should I use tretinoin every night?

You should aim to use tretinoin every night, however, you must start slowly as your skin needs to get used to it. The first 2 weeks apply it 2 to 3 nights per week, after that try applying it every other day, and then if your skin can handle it, apply it every night. However, skip a night or two if your skin is irritated, because it will make it worse.

Glam’s Guide to using Tretinoin Correctly

AM routine while using tretinoin:

Step 5: Apply SPF 50 and reapply throughout the day.

PM routine while using tretinoin: 

Step 1: Skin Script Pomegranate Cleanser and remove with sponge or towel

 wait for your skin to completely dry

Step 2: Apply Prescribe tretinoin cream

wait for the product to dry

Step 3: Then apply Skin Script Peptide Restoration Moisturizer

•The best time to use Tretinoin is at night. This is because light can cancel out Tretinoin and make it less effective.

•Your skin regenerates the most at night, so to get the maximum benefits from Tretinoin apply it before bed

The order of your skincare routine is applied matters. Always apply it to clean and dry skin straight after cleansing. Never use it on damp skin because this increases penetration and cause irritation.

A little goes along way! most people only need a pea-sized amount for their entire face and less than that for their neck.

Once you’ve massaged the Tretinoin onto your skin, you can apply your serums and moisturiser.

Most dermatologist suggest wait for 5-15 minutes before applying moisturizer so trentinion can set in.

Trentinion can cause dryness on thin areas of skin. To prevent that apply an Skin Script Lip Treatment, Skin Script Peptide Eyecream, other occlusive cream or vaseline around the corners of the mouth and the eyes to avoid irritating the skin there.

What is best paired with tretinoin?

Tretinoin should always be paired with a moisturizer and sunscreen with a SPF 50. In addition to these two items, you can also pair it up with Vitamin C (applied before your sunscreen in the morning) and hyaluronic acid or niacinamide.

Products to not pair with tretinoin?

Certain skincare products don’t play nice with Tretinoin. For instance, don’t use Benzoyl peroxide at the same time as it can inactivate Tretinoin. Also, avoid using Tretinoin at the same time as active products like salicylic or glycolic acid, as this can increase skin irritation. Instead use exfoliating acids and Vitamin C in the morning and leave the Tretinoin for the evening.

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