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A common skincare myth is that pores open and close. We’ve all heard this one, right? ⁣👇🏾

They do not have any muscle surrounding them, which would be necessary for them to open and close. Over time, pores tend to expand due to loss of collagen and elastin, and they can appear larger / darker if they are clogged. ⁣The size of our pores also depends on our genetics.

Pores have a job of allowing oil from the sebaceous gland to reach the skin for lubrication and moisture. Our pores will often become clogged when dead skin, sebum, makeup, etc. gets trapped and builds up and becomes solid in the pore. So what about steaming your face to “open” your pores, we’ve all heard it right? Again, pores do not open. However, steaming your face can make it easier for the trapped “gunk” to become soft or sometimes liquidity to be extracted. Once those pores are cleared out they will appear smaller. Makes sense, right?! ⁣ This is why monthly facials as well as a daily skincare routine is so important to keep your skin in perfect balance.⁣

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