Glam and Glow BBS Post-chemical peel instructions

What a Chemical Peel and what does it do?

Chemical peels remove the outermost surface of your skin to help reduce visible signs of skin
aging, acne and discoloration. At the same time, they reveal brighter, smoother skin below.
Peels range from mild to intense in strength. Depending on your
skin’s sensitivity, it is normal to experience a variety of side effects
as your skin goes through the post-peel renewal process.

Professional peel side effects can include redness, dryness, itching
or irritation as well as swelling, tightness, peeling or scabbing. With
2-3 days, skin may look flaky or tan as the outermost surface peels
off to make room for more radiant, new skin. You may also notice
temporarily more pronounced discoloration or age spots as they
rise to the skin’s surface before getting sloughed away.

•Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you may feel tingling,
burning, itching, dryness, redness or tightness after a chemical
peel, and see peeling or flaking within a week.

•Proper post-peel skin care can help minimize any sensations
or visible side effects of a peel, making it easier than ever to
incorporate this highly-effective skin treatment into your

How to Care for your Skin Post-Peel

•Cleanse Gently: Wash your face with cool water! Your skin may
be fragile for 5-7 days. Cleanse your skin with COOL water (hot
water will cause inflammation to the skin) using only your
fingertips – no washcloths, loofahs, buff puffs, sponges,
ClarisonicR, etc. We recommend using the Skin Script Green Tea
Cleanser. Other mild cleansers such as AveenoR, CetaphilR,
CeraVeR, or VanicreamR may be used but I advise you a Skin
Script Cleansers.

• Moisturize Often: Moisturize and hydrate. Letting the skin dry
out may cause discomfort. Since peels can temporarily compromise

your skin’s protective barrier, it’s important to reinforce that barrier with a medium-to-
thick moisturizer. Also, drink more water to help avoid dehydration, which could make

your skin feel tight. We recommend using Skin Script Acai Moisturizer to help your skin
recover. You can also use a non-comedogenic moisturizer such as AveenoR, VanicreamR,
CetaphilR, or CeraVeR, until the skin feels back to normal. This will promote the healing
process by locking in moisture and reducing the chance of a bacterial infection, redness,
and irritation. Use these products several times per day or as needed. Topical
hydrocortisone may be recommended, depending on your specific needs.

• Protect Your Skin: Apply sunscreen with SPF30 or more. Heat and sun exposure can
cause inflammation to the skin. Remember to avoid excessive heat on the treated area and
direct sun exposure of any kind, as well as tanning bed sand self-tanners to the planned
treatment areas for 4 weeks after treatment. Avoid strenuous workouts, dry saunas and

steam rooms. If you need to be outdoors, make sure to use an umbrella or wear a large-
brimmed hat, a pair of sunglasses, and use a physical sunblock (containing zinc oxide and

titanium dioxide). We recommend using Skin Script Sheer Protection 30R or Black Girl
Sunscreen, Aveeno Ror Cetaphil R. Both of these products provide broad-spectrum
protection from both UVA and UVB rays with no chemical sun filters. Apply 30 minutes
before exposure and reapply often (about every 2 hours) when exposed to the sun. Other
sunscreen products may be recommended depending on your specific needs.

• Avoid certain cosmetic treatments and certain types of hair removal. Don’t over-
exfoliate. Peels are maximum-strength exfoliants, so you don’t need to use a separate

exfoliant (like a scrub, brush or exfoliating cleanser) within 3-4 days of your peel. Over-
exfoliating can lead to more redness or sensitivity, so wait until your skin feels up to it.

Once your skin feels “back to normal” after a peel, it’s generally considered OK to resume your
normal skin care regimen. For more personalized advice, ask your professional skin therapist
how to incorporate peels into your lifestyle. About a week before the peel, stop waxing or using
depilatory hair-removal products. Also, avoid bleaching, massages or facial scrubs in the week

before your peel.

*Being That a Skin Script RX peel is being applied I highly suggest using our products
for best results and to avoid adverse skin reactions. I have offered suitable
recommendations for aftercare products to maintain skin and avoid issues

*Glam and Glow BBS Chemical Peels Comes with 6 pre/post products as well as care instructions. Clients must be on pre and post care products 1-2 weeks prior to receiving chemical peel from esthetician.

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