Peels with Glam and Glow BBS

**To ensure the Best results a Pre/Post peel care kit is included in price for new clients**

** Products need to  be used 1 week prior to peel and 7-10 days proceeding the peel**

**No Same Day Peel appointments without use of pre/post care** 

The Basics of Chemical Peels

Now more than ever, men and women alike are enjoying the benefits of making chemical peels and Facials the new staples of their skincare routines. Chemical peels are effective treatments to reduce fine lines, fade away mild scars and certain types of acne; correct skin discoloration and imperfections; and refresh skin texture and color in areas such as your face.

During a chemical peel, a chemical solution is applied, which causes the top layers of skin to shed painlesslyA Consultation is Best to determine which treatment would best suit you. We will tailor a regimen that will help achieve your concern. Treatments are adjusted based off personal, and environmental lifestyle. *No Extractions during Treatment*

Types of Peeling agents we offer:

  • Glycolic acid

  • Trichloroacetic acid (TCA)

  • Salicylic acid

  • Lactic acid

Depending on the depth of the peel (superficial, medium or deep), the newly-revealed skin appears smoother, less wrinkled, and more even in tone.

During a chemical peel, most patients feel warmth or heat that may last about five to 10 minutes. You also may require more than one treatment to achieve desired results.

After-Treatment Care

Depending on the type of peel, there may be a mild to severe sunburn-like reaction. The gentlest type of peel, a superficial “lunchtime” peel, most often causes some redness. Some patients experience scaling of the skin that can last three to five days.

Medium-depth and deep peels may cause swelling and blisters. These blisters may break, crust and turn brown, and then cause the skin to peel off. Deeper peels take seven to 14 days or longer to heal completely.

 All Peels at Glam and Glow BBS are tested and approved for all skin types. But if you’re pregnant, recently had another procedure, suffer from a skin condition, taking medications, people with a history of fever blisters (cold sores) or keloids (raised scars) are at higher risk for complications after a chemical peel. 

After treatment, esthetician advise the daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen to help lessen the formation of new spots and lines. To learn about Chemical Aftercare Click here

Glycolic acid


For Normal, Mature, Oily, Acneic or Dry skin types

Exfoliates and softens skin, treats mild to moderate acne and minimizes pore size

$225 (New Client with 6 Products)

$75(Returning Client No Products)

Salicylic acid

For Oily and Acneic skin types

Exfoliates and reduces oil, resurfaces and refines skin & pores, protects from bacterial attacks and inhibits inflammation

$225 (New Client with 6 Products)

$75(Returning Client No Products)

Peel upgrades and Packages

•MicroChemical Peel w/Products $235

•DermaChemical Peel w/Products $250

 For best results treatments with recommended products. Also getting chemical peels in series of 6.

•3-6 Chemical Peels $360-510 with Products

•6 MicroChemicalPeels$460-610  with Products

•Chemical Peel $75(Existing Clients)

•MicroChemicalPeel$110(Existing Clients)

•DermaChemical Peel $125(Existing Clients)

Lactic Acid

For Normal, Dry, Sun Damaged, Hyperpigmented and Maturing skin types

Exfoliates and softens skin, lightens, hydrates and improves the appearance of wrinkles

$225 (New Client with 6 Products)

$75(Returning Client No Products)

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA)

For Acneic, Hyperpigmented and Maturing skin types

Exfoliates and softens skin, lightens pigmentation (including Melasma), reduces acne and evens skin tone

$225 (New Client with 6 Products)

$75(Returning Client No Products)

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