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Some Skincare Mistakes

We all want clean and great skin. And it’s pretty easy to go on google and Instagram and find all these cool hacks and tricks. Put some things may see great but doesn’t work for everyone, or it’s just misinformation. So these are some pretty common mistakes I hear people making that can cause unwanted skin conditions.⁣

⁣•Not Cleansing their face at all. Just how you wash your body daily your face needs that same love and attention. And being that the skin on the face is slightly more delicate, PH Levels, and your face has smaller pores you cannot use the same soap you wash your body with. Not cleansing your face daily allows for bacteria, oils, and dead skin to build up on the face cause flakey, dry, and uneven tones. Also without removing the dirt and oil daily it can build up in your pores cause them to be visible and skin to be lovey oily.

•Coconut oil should not be used as a moisturizer. It does not matter if it pure or organic, it is still fairly comedogenic (pore-clogging) and offers no moisturizing benefit to the skin. Since it doesn't penetrate the skin well, it just sits on top not properly absorbing which can lead to dryness and/or congestion.⁣ ⁣

•Over-using cleansing tools, like Clarisonics will over-exfoliate your skin which can lead to a compromised barrier + raw/dry skin. Also, tools with bristle/brush heads can harbor bacteria if not cleansed thoroughly, and often!⁣

•The SPF in your makeup is not enough to protect you from UV radiation . You should be wearing a minimum of SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen to save your skin from UVA & UVB damage daily.⁣ And yes black people do need to wear SPF. Our skin can tan and burn. Yes we can get Skin Cancer(Lower percentage than fair skin people), and lastly the sun ages you faster. This ain’t the same Ozone our ancestors had

•Makeup wipes should not replace your cleanser. You should try a Clean Sponge instead. If you must use a makeup wipe to remove the majority of your makeup, then its crucial to use a cleanser afterwards to efficiently cleanse your skin from all dirt, debri, pollutants, etc.⁣

⁣ •Using pore strips is not an effective blackhead removal process and can often cause more harm than good. The adhesive is fairly irritating and will pull off healthy skin cells along with the dead ones. This can cause uneven tone, dry + flaky skin and eventually lead to broken capillaries(little visible blood vessels around your nose). Many people think that they are getting the whole blackhead, however it's just the oxidized, top part that is removed, leaving the rest of the gunk exposed and still in the pore. This will eventually oxidize and you'll repeat the process again and again will no end in sight. ⁣

Ditch these beauty methods and your skin will thank you 😇 links for recommendations below.

•Ageless Moisturizer

•Skin Script SPF

•Glam and Glow Clean Sponge

•Greentea Cleanser

•Glam and Glow Facial to help with pores

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