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Skincare Gift Guide

Ashley here with some pre-holiday gift giving notes! i know this time of the year is so hectic for everyone. Companies are releasing sales, y'all are waiting for them + trying to plan holiday travel etc

anyway, see below for some of my top guides to gift giving with Glam and Glow BBS+ some other brands i'm loving right now.


💚the "i'm not sure your skin concern" cousin

this is the cousin who loves beauty, but like you don't know if they really struggle with a lot of dark spots or breakouts. for this person, i'd recommend our Green-tea Cleanser and Blemish Spot Treatment. everyone can use a smoothing + glow creating face wash and alllll of us break out from time to time. 

💚the expert who deals with dark spots or texture

our Glycolic and Retinol Pads ! this is great for those who are more established in skincare and know how to use a chemical exfoliant and are looking for fast results when it comes to their skin texture or dark spots.

💚the "ready to lock in" friend

this is the friend who just wants consistency and clear skin without thinking about it. We have our Minimalist Kit that can allow even the most entry level skincare user to lock into clear skin.


my favorite other brands!

I just think these folks do cool things and could make cool gifts!

  • Uniquely Body Butter you don't deal w body acne but you need moisture this holiday season girlllllll


anyway, love y'all, mean it! i've never really done a round up of my recommendations or faves, but if this is an email that you enjoyed let me know because i can do more of these! keep an eye out for our cyber sales coming up. stay safe!

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