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Oh No My Skin Help

You need to repair your skins barrier! ⁣

These are some of the main and many causes of skin barrier damage. it is so important that you don’t strip and damage your skin! it can not only irritate you daily but lead you to more long term consequences. ⁣

but how do you know if you have damaged your skin barrier? here’s some key ways to tell:⁣

-skin is dry or dehydrated⁣

-tight ⁣

-flaky ⁣

-sensitive to even the most basic products⁣

-irritated ⁣

-redness and rosacea ⁣


-having increased acne/breakouts ⁣

first you want to adjust any of the main causes you’re having listed from this chart. whether that’s exfoliating less, using room temp water instead of hot water, going off acne meds, using acne topicals less or to stop using at home tools like dermarolling, adjust it! ⁣

but here are some more ways to repair the skins barrier damage: ⁣

-SPF SPF SPF! protect your skin! ⁣

-antioxidants in daily routine ⁣

-look for soothing ingredients and products ⁣


-increasing omega fatty acids in your diet! EFA+ supplements at Revive are perfect for protecting, healing and hydrating the skin! ⁣

make sure to make some changes if you feel you could have some damage to your skins barrier. and watch out for these key things that cause a damaged barrier ⚡️

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