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6 Easy and Quick Steps for Brow Shaping

Posted by Ashley Jones on March 20, 2020

Practice makes perfect!

Everything takes practice, and that includes getting to know your own unique Eyebrows. If you have a preferred Brow Artist, this is great because she will be able to calm you down after your first attempt. If you're an Artist yourself, we both equally know the struggles of learning how to fill in our Brows as well as our Clients.  When I first started to use Brow Products, I looked like a deer in headlights. Seriously. At the time, Brows were just making a huge debut on social media. Even though I've been a brow specialist for years, I still wasn't ready for the big impact brows would have.  This simple yet easy technique can be used with any brow product of your choice. If you prefer a pencil, pomade or powder, you can use these steps with what you're comfortable using.

Quick tip: We all have a favorite Brow so try starting with that one first. It's easier to start with your favorite, then match your other brow to create the perfect look.

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