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Image by Audrey Fretz

Glam and Glow Facial

(45-60 min

We will provide a deep cleaning treatment on the Face, Neck and décolletage to boost circulation and open pores for proper cleaning and exfoliation. A light hand massage helps soothes and relaxes the body. We use massage technique to push the products into the skin, which makes this facial much more than just a “pampering” treatment

(Face, Neck, and Décolletage) 

Glam and Glow Microdermbrasion$70


Package of (3) Facials $150


This Facial may not be for you if:

  • Acute sunburn (you can still see us for a soothing cool compress treatment to help ease your discomfort, but no heat or friction can be applied)

  • Severe cystic acne with open pustules

  • Open cuts or abrasions

  • Bruises and swelling (Get your physician’s approval for a treatment; post-surgical or post-trauma bruising and swelling can often be mitigated by gentle manual lymphatic drainage massage)

  • Active herpes lesions

  • Conjuctivitis (“pink eye”)

  • Severe eczema

  • Severe psoraisis

  • Impetigo

  • Fungal infection

  • Extreme allergic sensitivities (you probably wouldn’t be tempted anyhow!)

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