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How To Charge My Crystals: 4 Ways To Do This

Crystal Rock

Crystals And Their Power

Crystals have been known for their inherent power. They have accumulated through the process of their formation.

Interestingly, crystals can also store and release healing properties and positive energies on a metaphysical level as long as you use them frequently and know how to cleanse and charge them.

After all, it is not enough to just be in the same room as your crystal.

Instead, become familiar with their vibrational frequencies and practice fine tuning your energy of intention with the use of your beautiful crystals.

You may even form a holistic healing or spiritual bond with them, setting out on this harmonious dance of resonating and reciprocating each other’s energy levels. 


Crystal Care

You might notice, through prolonged use that they can flatten or begin to have very light vibrations of frequency  (just like a battery.)

The truth is, they won’t completely loose “their vibrational charge”, but you may notice some of your intentions or healing energies don’t manifest in the same time frame as what they use to when you started your practice. 

This is a great time for cleansing crystals so they are ready to be activated with your goals and intentions.  Or you may want to choose a particular time of the month, this way you will remember to do this cleansing and charging method not only for your stones but also for your own energetic vibrations to keep your energies positive to fill yourself with vitality and optimism.

There are four reasons why crystals might seem to lose their “glow”.

First, they may have energetically clogged up by absorbing all the negative energies they have been exposed to for the time being, as each time you use them, they also absorb any negative energy from you at the beginning of your visualization or meditation practice to get you “in tune and ready for your intentions”. 

This is usually the case when you use your crystals for healing frequently. They may also become dormant if you haven’t used them for quite some time.

This happens when you simply left the crystal on your altar or sacred space to collect dust and have not really touched or connected with it for a long time.

There could be times when your piece simply doesn’t know what your goals are, as  you may have forgotten to program it. Being specific is important as you program your crystals with intentions on a regular basis to keep that vibrational connection with them.

Finally, just like humans needing food and sleep or even a little bit of pampering to regain energy after working so hard, your crystal might just need that recharge to capture its full vibrational strength again.

How To Charge Crystals

There are at least 4 ways to charging a crystal –

Just to let you know that charging also includes crystal cleansing, from any unwanted energy that it may have absorbed.

  • Any method of cleansing is also part of the process to charging your crystal from dormancy.

  • Setting an intention whilst holding your piece is giving it that energetic charge in programming it for that particular goal in mind.

  • Lastly, helping your piece regenerate the power that it had spent through constant use.

So let’s keep moving on with this cleansing and charging process:

Cleansing Crystals In Moonlight

Charging them in the moonlight can be as easy as placing them on your window sill during the full moon.

Before you do this, always hold your semi precious piece in your hand and set your intention of what you want to manifest before the “moon energy”, so the crystal’s vibrational frequency is set to help you out.

However, to make your practice even more effective, some more techniques here for you:

  • Get to Know Your Crystal first

Is it safe to be submerged in tap water or fresh water from a stream? How will it interact with salt?

Make sure that your semi precious piece is safe to be washed in salt water solution, always do your research on your particular piece.

If they are the kinds of crystals that can be safe enough to be placed in a bowl of water, then by all means do this healthy practice, it’s like a clean slate to work for you and with you.

  • Altar for crystals 

Once cleansed, pick a spot in your backyard that will receive a lot of moonlight and earth energy especially if you place your crystal with plants before your bring them back inside the next morning.

Some people prefer to use this type of natural energy as part of their cleansing and charging ritual.

Then set them up on your special alter for crystals or unless you prefer to use them as a crystal grid for manifestation?

They should be pulsing with lots of energy in the morning after this quick monthly ritual under the full moon.

Here’s an extra tip: You can also research the sacred symbolism of each moon phase as you’re learning how to recharge crystals.

Also feel free to perform this ritual even if it’s not the full moon, you need to feel what is intuitively right for you and your precious piece. Do what feels right, use your intuition as this is your connection with your piece.

Charging Crystals In Sun

Charging them in direct sunlight can be the same as doing so at night (although always read on which crystals with sunlight could fade, sweat or melt slowly.)

Just do your research before you cleanse your precious stone.

What’s great about this method is that you won’t even need to keep track of moon phases. The sun is always bursting with natural properties of vitamin d and energy.

How to cleanse rose quartz 

Many ask the question can rose quartz be left in sunlight?

Speaking of crystals that might react negatively to the sun’s UV rays, here’s a question we get frequently asked by our readers: “Can you cleanse and charge rose quartz outdoors in sunlight?”

We found that this type of quartz and other variants like purple quartz (aka amethyst quartz) or rose quartz would significantly fade if left outside for more than approx 10 minutes, so it’s best not to put these stones under direct sunlight, but more under a lovely pot plant or shaded tree out of direct sunlight.

They can even be placed in natural light as long as there isn’t direct sunlight, somewhere like a window sill where there is still adequate light with natural properties like gentle air flow and some shade to regain its abundant energy.

After charging and cleansing always remember to return your stone back to your sacred spot within your home environment.

How Do You Charge Crystals In The Earth?

It’s no secret that most crystals came from within mother Earth.

While there are various kinds associated with other elements, like air or water, most of them will always have a special connection to their original element.

Another favorite method in charging of crystals is by burying them into the soil from time to time, to get that cleansing and grounding effect before working with them on your new set of goals.

That’s specifically for stones that may have gone through a “bad energy” phase with you feeling negative at one point, from of all the healing work you had to do on yourself during any stressful periods in life .

Earth energy is also known as an ancient energy cleansing for your semi precious stones, and as it’s connection back to mother earth and many people like to use this method combined with their moon ritual phase .

Some bury them as they are, wrap them in an altar cloth of some kind, or put them in a small box,  other’s just place them directly into the earth.

So How Do You Charge Crystals With Other Sacred Tools

Did you know that there are so many other energy cleansing methods, using some sacred objects and tools such as smudge sticks, pyramids, sound vibrations and even other pieces like quartz clusters?

Here are some other ideas you might want to try when it comes to cleansing and charging them when needed-

  • Smudge Sticks

You might want to use a smudge stick like palo santo or white sage for cleansing and charging. It’s a great alternative for pieces you can’t use with water methods, or ones that interact negatively with salt, or potentially fade in the sun.

  • Pyramids

Some people who are quite sensitive to smoke and particular scents, may find that pyramids work better for them.

You’re likely aware of Egypt’s architectural wonders, but the structures we’re referring to are on a smaller scale and specifically designed to charge crystals and other sacred objects.

They are made from various types of metal to conduct energy.

  • Other Crystals with Charging Properties

Finally, another thing to remember as you’re learning how to cleanse and charge your semi precious pieces,  there are also other stones such as clear quartz, that can cleanse and enhance the energy of your other pieces.

Selenite and black obsidian are equally known to have cleansing and charging properties.

Reiki Chakra Meditation

The best way to go about this method is to get a special charging plate or one of the stones(mentioned above) that charge all of your other semi precious pieces you have.

There are definitely many other ways to recharge other than the methods we mentioned above.

 These semi precious stones have the vibrational frequencies of  power that can influence and resonate with other energy fields surrounding them, including yours.

That’s why they are a great supportive and metaphysical mechanism in manifesting goals.

However, there are times when this energy gets low to flat so they need to be recharged.

Those who are wondering and asking, “How to charge my crystals?”, will be pleased to learn that there are at least several ways to do so.

Just don’t forget to see if your preferred method of charging crystals agrees with your particular piece.

After all, some are sensitive to water, while others are prone to fading, sweating or melting away slowly, after prolonged sun exposure.

We know there are so…..many wonderful ways you can create your crystal journey, so we hope you have fun and lots of positive transformations in your life with them.

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We thank you for taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing in life. ☺

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